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One of my first breakthrough projects was for the National Gallery Of Ireland in conjunction with Domini Kemp. After spotting one of my copper curved lamps in the Irish Design Shop on Drury Street Dublin, Domini contacted me about a new space that she was just about to move into in the National Gallery. Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity! The Winter Garden café has a beautiful seventeen-meter high glass ceiling which floods the room with light during the day but for the darker Irish evenings, the room needed a lower focal point to make the space feel more intimate.

To achieve this I worked closely with Domini on a concept that included the idea of tree branches overhead with oversized light globes hanging from clear cables so that they almost float in the air below. As this is the winter garden café it tied in well to create the branches from bare polished copper with the wiring hidden inside keeping the overall look and feel of the installation clean and simple and on those dark winter evenings, the light bounces off the copper highlighting them giving the room a warm and inviting feel for all the wonderful events and launches that take place in the gallery.


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